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Say Goodbye to 2019

Hello and Happy Holiday to everyone! First I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to follow me and read my commentary, it is greatly appreciated.

Wow it is hard to believe that we are closing out another year and soon it will be 2019. I am looking forward to seeing and doing great things in the coming year. I wanted to talk briefly about the booklet I recently published called "Natural vs Synthetic vitamins what’s the difference". The booklet covers a great deal of information about synthetic vitamins what they contain and how they are produced and what nature made vitamins are and where they come from. I give a brief history of how the food we eat today has changed and why we need vitamin supplements daily. I discuss how science, medicine and industry are at the forefront of how we get nutrition today. Lastly I give information on how to identify synthetic and nature made vitamins along with a chart that shows how much of these vitamins we should be getting everyday to maintain the best possible health. It is a great place to start when taking the journey to Holistic Wellness.

I made it small enough to put in a purse, backpack or bag to have when shopping for groceries. It is really awesome. To get a copy it will cost $10.00. I will be adding it to our website soon. If you’d like a copy before then you can contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and arrangements can be made for purchase and have it sent to you by mail. You can also pick one up at our next event at the Albany, NY Empire State Plaza Kwanzaa Celebration on December 26th from 6 to 9 pm. We will also have many of our other products there for sale as well.

Nguzo Saba: May we all strive to apply the principles of Kwanzaa within our families, our neighborhoods, our cities/towns, our country and the world. Understanding these principles and making them our culture it vital. We must also be mindful of our quest lead by example and to

make everything we touch great. Hope to see you there Harambee!

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