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Breaking News 03-10-2021

I created this Breaking New letter to make people aware of people, places, things and current events going on today. This is the first one I published back in March. I will be presenting a conference call weekly to discuss the issues outlined in the newsletter at 8pm EST. starting on May 15th. I will send an update blog with the phone number information to engage. I look forward to everyone's participation.

As the C-O-V-I-D-19 vaccines roll out, radiologists are discovering a disturbing side effect of the vaccine: It gives false positives of unilateral lymphadenopathy (abnormal lymph nodes) on X-rays.

This latest symptom of the C-O-V-I-D-19 vaccine was featured in an article in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, which outlined some steps providers can take to reduce unwarranted follow-up care, including having patients submit vaccination information prior to their imaging procedure.

Patients who choose to get the vaccine should inform their radiologist of vaccination dates, injection sites and the type of vaccine received. Providing this information to your radiologist could reduce follow-up tests, resulting in less patient anxiety and unnecessary medical costs.

An inexpensive and effective saliva-based C-O-V-I-D-19 test called c-o-v-i-dSHIELD was approved by the FDA March 1, 2021. University of Illinois researchers developed and used c-o-v-i-dSHIELD at its three campuses beginning in fall 2020, and have taken more than 1.5 million samples to date, according to the Chicago Tribune.

University officials reported that the test is capable of detecting very small amounts of genetic material, including mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that originated in other countries. It also costs less than other tests. Shield Illinois, a university-affiliated organization, says it will sell the tests for $20 to public school districts and public universities, $25 to private universities and $30 to companies.

Illinois Gov. Jay Robert “J.B.” Pritzker allocated $20 million in federal relief funding to purchase 1 million tests, saying he plans to distribute them to nine other Illinois public universities, as well as 48 community colleges.

IBM and Moderna Team Up for the Great Reset and Digital Health Passes

IBM and Moderna have taken the next step toward tracking vaccinated persons in real time by teaming up to produce C-O-V-I-D-19 digital health passes. To help roll out the passes, they will implement the plan with artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud services.

The “focus on exploring the utility of IBM capabilities in the U.S.” is now in place with a pilot program in New York as the Excelsior Pass, which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced during his 2021 state of the state address, Mint Press News reported.

The Excelsior Pass will enable vaccinated persons to attend events at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden, as starters. While it’s an intrusion on personal freedoms and choices when it comes to vaccines, IBM is looking at the Excelsior Pass as a model for what IBM predicts will be mandatory digital health passes for other venues in the future.

To that end, IBM’s U.S. public and federal market leader, Steve LaFleche, said there will come a time when the passes will cease to be voluntary “once government guidelines and regulations force the private sector to enforce their implementation.”

An analysis of leaked documents containing early clinical trial results for the Pfizer-BioNTech C-O-V-I-D-19 vaccine shows that “regulators had major concerns” over the integrity of the mRNA in it shortly before its approval for release to the public.

According to The BMJ, the documents were obtained through a cyberattack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA), after which they were leaked to various media, including BMJ reporters. The BMJ examined the documents and determined that EMA scientists tasked with ensuring manufacturing quality of the vaccine were concerned that “truncated and modified mRNA species” were “present in the finished product.”

One drawback of the documents was that they were “partially doctored” emails that came from multiple users. However, The BMJ determined that what was in there was enough to cause a discussion on how the vaccine came to be approved. Points in the review include:

· Specific regulatory guidance for mRNA-based vaccines do not exist

· Intact mRNA molecule is essential to the vaccine’s potency

· It’s unclear how the vaccine came to be approved on the heels of findings that the mRNA integrity might be compromised

“Of particular concern is RNA instability, one of the most important variables relevant to all mRNA vaccines that has thus far received scant attention in the clinical community,” The BMJ said. “It is an issue relevant not just to Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine but also to those produced by Moderna, CureVac, and others, as well as a ‘second generation’ mRNA vaccine being pursued by Imperial College London.”

No masks. No social distancing. No mandatory quarantines and no shutdowns. In the Peaster Independent School District in Texas, life went on as usual when school started in fall 2020 and everything was fine.

In fact, as the school year rolled on with homecoming and other fall activities including sports and the annual pancake dinner and festival going on as scheduled, the district actually experienced higher enrollment and average daily attendance than last year, according to superintendent Lance Johnson.

In an interview with CBS, Johnson said most students are on track to finish the school year on grade level, closing the learning gap that occurred when schools shut down in spring 2020.

Most interesting, though, was the response of the parents and community. The district surveyed families before opening. Fifty-five percent said they’d send the kids to school if the buildings opened with masks and social distancing mandated.

But, a whopping 86% said they’d send their kids if the school opened as close to normal as possible with no social distancing or mask mandates. The result is that “Our kids have thrived and our teachers have thrived,” Johnson told CBS. “And it’s just been real eye opening to see how we’ve done things different than other schools.”

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in Denmark is being suspended for two weeks while health authorities investigate reports of people developing blood clots after their vaccinations.

In a statement, the Danish Medicine Agency confirmed that at least one blood clot-related death had occurred after vaccination, although they weren’t certain, yet, whether it was due to the vaccine.

So far, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia have all suspended a specific batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Austria suspended theirs after "a person was diagnosed with multiple thrombosis," CNN said.

A thinking dad with a child who has sensory issues shares with an MSN reporter — under condition of anonymity — why he asked his children’s school to exempt them from wearing masks at schools.

While the sensory issue is an important one, this dad also points out that masking only serves to increase the fear and anxiety that everyone — not just the children — is feeling. “Getting rid of the mask would help people go back to normal,” the dad says. “While they're mandated, people will continue to feel mistrustful of fellow humans, as though they are walking biohazards instead of human beings.”

While he’s talked to parents who say they’re willing to do anything to get their kids back in school, this dad also believes that submission to wearing masks is actually hampering learning.

This dad adds that he’s done his research: The whole masking scenario is based on “small observational studies, or laboratory studies, or modelling studies. It's weak evidence. It might be the case that they work a little bit but it's far from proven and far from strong evidence,” he says.

Great Britain began vaccinating the elderly in nursing homes in December 2020; by January 2021 coronavirus-related deaths had jumped 46%. A total of 2,467 C-O-V-I-D-related deaths were reported in the four weeks leading up to the January 8 report.

Interestingly, the U.K. government has been encouraging the homes to accept C-O-V-I-D-positive patients from crowded hospitals “by underwriting the risk posed by them spreading the virus,” as “insurers were refusing to cover care homes offering to become ‘designated settings’ for discharged C-O-V-I-D patients,” The Guardian reported.

The U.K. government will cover clinical negligence and employers’ and public liability until the end of March in homes that can’t obtain insurance otherwise.

People who have already had C-O-V-I-D are three times more likely to have side effects if they go ahead and get the vaccine, particularly if it’s the one made by Pfizer, researchers at King’s College say.

They gleaned the information from the college’s ZOE app, which has logged more than 700,000 vaccinations, which showed that 35.7% of vaccinated individuals who were previously infected reported side effects. Only 12.2% of those not infected reported side effects. With the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, 52.7% of previously infected had side effects, compared to 31.9% of those who had not been infected.

“The King's research showed that women were twice as likely as men to suffer side effects from the Pfizer jab and around 50 per cent more likely from the AstraZeneca vaccine,” The Telegraph added.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is a health scientist who does research, training and teaching in public health. Early on in her career, she began working with WHO, doing research which she says was “science for politics.” In this video she talks about the “suspicious” activities of Bill Gates and the reservations she has about the actions of the WHO, GAVI and Gates.

As her career advanced, she started getting asked by politicians to organize events in public health. And then, in her capacity working with research ethics for WHO, she was asked by Geneva University to work on international health regulations in 1999.

She also worked with Georgetown University and others to be ready for a pandemic and to act quickly in the event one happened. In a stunning confession, she says Switzerland is the center of corruption, and that GAVI and Bill Gates have total immunity from everything they do.

Worse, when the pandemic began, she found that many breaches to international health regulations were occurring, and more. The rules under which countries work with WHO virtually put WHO in charge of all rules and formal edicts and announcements — with Gates being right there as part of the executive board like an unofficial member state, making decisions that affect the entire world.

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