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What is Melanin?
Melanin is a Carbon based Bio-Chemical found in all of Nature. Melanin exists deeply in the body as well as the surface of the skin. It is responsible for pigment which causes skin to be Black, Brown, Red & Yellow.

Melanin is one of the Chemical Keys of Life. It is found in the brain and is responsible for nerve transmission.  Melanin circulating in the brain give eyes their Black & Brown Color,  It Allows one to see the full spectrum of Colors, Taste the full flavors of food and hear the full range of sounds. 

Races of people are classified by the amount of melanin in their pineal gland,  which is responsible for Melanin production in the entire body .  Melanin in its purest form is “jet” or "crystal black" and is a powerhouse for absorbing and storing all forms of energy – including all UV light, Sound, Radiation, Gamma, Microwave, X-Ray & Radio waves. 

The reason melanin shows up black is because the chemical structure will not allow any type of energy to escape.
​The more energy that is absorbed the darker the melanin becomes, and therefore the darker the pigmentation.
Dark Melanin Level NO NUMBERS.png
Very Low Melanin Levels NUMBERLESS.png
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